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Kansas PT Dry Needling

Dry Needling Course Requirements

Dry needling shall be performed only by a PT who is competent by education and training to perform dry needling as specified in this regulation. Online study and self-study for dry needling instruction shall not be considered appropriate training

Each PT who does not obtain dry needling education and training as part of that individual's graduate or postgraduate education shall be required to successfully complete a dry needling course approved by the board in order to perform dry needling. Each dry needling course shall include a practical examination and a written examination

Each dry needling course shall include the following components:

    • Anatomical review for safety and effectiveness;
    • Indications and contraindications for dry needling;
    • Evidence-based instruction on the theory of dry needling practice;
    • Sterile needle procedures, which shall include the standards of one of the following:
      • The U.S. centers for disease control and prevention; or
      • The U.S. occupational safety and health administration;
    • Blood-borne pathogens;
    • Postintervention care, including an adverse response or emergency; and
    • An assessment of the PT’s dry needling technique and psychomotor skills.

Each dry needling course shall be taught by a licensed healthcare provider who meets the following requirements:

    • Has a scope of practice that includes dry needling;
    • Meets the regulatory minimum educational standard in that individual's respective state or jurisdiction;
    • Has not been disciplined by any state or jurisdictional licensing agency for any act that would be a violation of the physical therapy practice act or the healing arts act; and
    • Has performed dry needling for at least two (2) years.

Each PT taking a dry needling course shall be required to obtain a passing score on all written and practical examinations given in the dry needling course. Each PT shall obtain a certificate or other documentation from the provider of the dry needling course specifying what anatomical regions were covered in the dry needling course and that the PT passed all examinations.

Each dry needling course shall provide sufficient instruction to ensure that each student is able to demonstrate minimum adequate competency in the following:

    • Current dry needling techniques;
    • Management of dry needling equipment and supplies;
    • Accurate point selection;
    • Accurate positioning of the patient and the education of the patient regarding the amount of movement allowed while needles are inserted;
    • Supervision and monitoring of the patient during treatment;
    • Communication with the patient, including informed consent; and
    • Clinically appropriate patient selection, including consideration of the following:
      • The patient's contraindications for dry needling;
      • The patient's ability to understand the treatment and the expected outcome; and
      • The patient's ability to comply with treatment requirements.

After completion of a board-approved dry needling course, each physical therapist shall be required to complete 200 patient treatment sessions of dry needling before taking each successive course in dry needling. Each physical therapist shall complete all foundation-level courses before proceeding to an advanced-level course

Dry needling shall be performed solely for conditions that fall under the physical therapy scope of practice. Each PT performing dry needling shall perform dry needling only in the anatomical region of training completed by the PT. Each PT who performs dry needling shall do so in a manner consistent with generally acceptable standards of practice.

Informed Consent

Each PT who performs dry needling shall obtain written informed consent from each patient before performing dry needling on the patient. A separate informed consent shall be required for each anatomical region treated by the PT.

The informed consent shall include the following:

    • The patient's signature;
    • The risks and benefits of dry needling;
    • The diagnosis for which the physical therapist is performing dry needling;
    • Each anatomical region of training completed by the physical therapist; and
    • A statement that the procedure being performed is dry needling as defined by the physical therapy practice act, K.S.A. 65-2901 and amendments thereto.

The informed consent shall be maintained in the patient's treatment record.


Each PT who performs dry needling shall maintain a specific procedure note in each patient's record for each dry needling session. The procedure note shall include the following for each session:

    • The anatomical region treated;
    • The manner in which the patient tolerated the treatment; and
    • The clinical outcome of the treatment


A PT shall not delegate dry needling.


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