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New Jersey Physical Therapy Aides

What can an aide do?

Licensed physical therapists may delegate the following to unlicensed persons:

Routine tasks relating to:

    • The cleanliness and maintenance of equipment and the physical plant; and
    • The management of the business aspects of the practice, including scheduling appointments and filling out insurance forms; and

Such other assignments with respect to patient care as may be specifically made by the licensed physical therapist, including:

    • Transporting the patient;
    • Positioning of the patient; and
    • Assisting with the undressing and dressing of the patient

What is an aide expressly prohibited from doing?

A licensed physical therapist shall not authorize or permit an unlicensed person to engage in the following activities:

    • Advise, teach, or instruct patients concerning their condition or disability;
    • Carry out testing or evaluation procedures;
    • Make any notations in documents regarding patient care or clinical treatment;
    • Place or remove electrodes of any kind on the skin;
    • Administer, apply, or remove any modalities;
    • Instruct, perform, oversee, or supervise therapeutic exercise(s) and/ or therapeutic activity(s); and
    • Provide therapeutic massage.

Administration of physical modalities by employees of physical therapists

A licensed physical therapist shall not permit an employee to administer physical modalities to patients unless that employee is a licensed physical therapist, licensed physical therapist assistant, or other health care provider licensed in this State to administer those modalities.

Physical modalities mean ultraviolet (B and C bands) and electromagnetic rays, including, but not limited to, deep heating agents, microwave diathermy, shortwave diathermy, and ultrasound or any other treatment proscribed by the board.


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N.J.S.A. §45:9-37.34a

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