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Patient Verification


The telephone numbers are:

1-800-772-9996          Toll-free throughout the United States

1-800-884-9730          Toll-free throughout the United States

(804) 965-9732           Richmond and Surrounding Counties

(804) 965-9733           Richmond and Surrounding Counties

To access MediCall, the provider must have a currently active Medicaid provider number. The provider's number is verified before access to MediCall is authorized.

Responses by the caller to MediCall are required within a specified period of time. If the time limit is exceeded, the call will be disconnected. The caller should have the following information available before calling:

    • 10 digit National Provider Identifier (NPI) or Atypical Provider Identifier (API)
    • Member Medicaid Number (12 digits) or Social Security Number (9 digits) and Date of Birth (8 digits) in month, day, century and year format (mmddyyyy) (necessary for member eligibility verification and claims status)
    • From and Thru Date(s) of Service in month, day, century and year format (mmddyyyy) (necessary for member eligibility verification and claims status). The caller will have the following limits when entering dates of service:
      • The caller does not have to enter a Thru date of service if services were rendered on a single day. Pressing the # key prompts the system to continue.
      • Future month information is only available in the last week of the current month.
      • Inquiries cannot be on dates of service more than one year prior to the date of inquiry.

After dialing the MediCall number, the system will ask for the NPI or API. Enter the 10 digit number and select from the following options:

    • Press “1” for member eligibility verification.
    • Press “2” for claims status.
    • Press “3” for recent check amounts.
    • Press “4” for service authorization information.
    • Press “5” for service limit information.

Enter the From and Thru dates of service. The service dates for member eligibility verification cannot span more than 31 days. When the dates of service have been entered, MediCall will verify the information and respond by speaking the first six letters of the last name and the member's Medicaid number for confirmation.

The Automated Response System (ARS)

The Automated Response System (ARS) offers Medicaid and FAMIS providers twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-day-a week Internet access to current member eligibility information, service limits, claim status, service authorizations, and provider payment history. This weenabled tool helps provide cost-effective care for members, and allows providers to access current information quickly and conveniently.

The ARS can be accessed through the Virginia Medicaid Web portal at www.virginiamedicaid.dmas.virginia.gov. Please visit the portal for information on registration and use of the ARS.

Medicaid Card

A blue and white plastic eligibility card is issued to members to present to participating providers. Plan First members receive a green and white identification card. The provider is obligated to determine that the person to whom care or service is being rendered is the same individual listed on the eligibility card. The provider has the responsibility to request such identification as he or she deems necessary. Presentation of a plastic ID card is not proof of coverage nor guarantee of payment.

 Eligibility must be confirmed each time service is rendered. Verification can occur through a verification vendor, the voice response system or the web-based verification system. LDSS do not provide verification of eligibility to providers.

Some individuals have coverage under a Virginia Medicaid/FAMIS contracted managed care organization (MCO) and should not receive services outside their network without a referral and authorization from the MCO. These members will have an MCO card in addition to the Medicaid/FAMIS card. The verification response will advise if the member has restrictions such as a contracted MCO enrollment, or a primary payer.

The provider must determine if the service is within the dates of eligibility. These dates must be checked prior to rendering any service. Benefits are available only for services performed during the indicated period of eligibility; Medicaid/FAMIS will not pay for care or services rendered before the beginning date or after the end date of eligibility.

Bank Identifier

The top six numbers on the plastic card represent the Bank Identifier Number (BIN), which is required for pharmacy benefit cards under the National Council of Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP).

Name of Eligible Person

An eligibility card is issued to each person eligible for full Medicaid/FAMIS benefits and QMBs. Members enrolled in Plan First receive a green and white identification card. Check the name against another proof of identification if there is any question that the card does not belong to the member.

Member's Eligibility Number

The member's complete eligibility number is embossed on the front of the eligibility card. Eligibility numbers are distinct and permanent. When a member relocates or moves into another case, or has a break in eligibility, he keeps the same number and the same card. When members are enrolled in Plan First, they will receive a green and white identification card. This number serves as a “key” in verifying current eligibility status.

All 12 digits must be entered on Medicaid forms for billing purposes.

Date of Birth

The date of birth indicates the member's age and identifies eligibility for those services with age restrictions, such as dental care for members under age 21 and pregnant women. The date of birth should be checked prior to rendering any services. The provider should verify the age of the member. If the provider has a question as to the age of the member, means of identification other than the Medicaid/FAMIS card should be examined.


The member's gender is indicated on the card.

Card #

The sequential number of the member’s card is given. If a card is lost or stolen and another is issued, the prior card will be de-activated and will not confirm eligibility using the magnetic “swipe” mechanism.

Cardholder’s Signature (signature line on back)

The signature line provides another element of verification to confirm identity.

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