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Wyoming Physical Therapy Telehealth

"Consultation using telecommunication" means the provision of professional or expert opinion or advice to a physical therapist or other health care provider using telecommunication or computer technology from a distant location. It includes the review or transfer of patient records or related information using audio, video or data communications;

Guidance Regarding the Practice of Physical Therapy through Telehealth

In light of recent events, several licensees have asked the Board to advise them how best to continue their practice, and specifically have asked the Board’s position on the use of telehealth by physical therapists. 

The Wyoming Board of Physical Therapists has not previously issued guidance or promulgated rules regarding the practice of telehealth by physical therapists. This guidance is merely advisory and, unlike the Board’s rules, does not have the force and effect of law. This guidance merely advises licensees as to the Board’s position regarding telehealth. It is the Board’s position that because the Physical Therapists Practice Act does not specifically prohibit telehealth, physical therapists may use telehealth when appropriate. In particular, where a physical therapist already has a relationship with a client and knows the client’s therapy needs, telehealth may be an appropriate tool for the physical therapist to use to ensure the client continues to make progress.

In accordance with policies adopted by the Board of Medicine, Board of Nursing, and Board of Pharmacy, it is the Board’s position that the delivery of healthcare occurs where the patient is located at the time telehealth technologies are used. Therefore, if a physical therapist uses telehealth technology to treat a Wyoming client, the physical therapist must be licensed in Wyoming.

The circumstances of each client will vary, and telehealth may not be appropriate in every case. The same ethical standards apply equally to telehealth services as to in-person services. In particular, physical therapists providing telehealth services must comply with Chapter 4 and Chapter 7 of the Board’s rules and regulations. Physical therapists should be aware that telehealth can make it more difficult for providers to ensure that they are complying with those ethical standards. For example, it can be more difficult for a physical therapist to determine whether a client is performing an exercise appropriately or to determine if the client requires emergency medical attention. Further, telehealth raises unique issues regarding the privacy of a client’s medical information, and physical therapists must ensure they remain compliant with HIPAA and state law regarding the privacy of that information. The Board will not relax its ethical rules in these situations. It is the responsibility of each licensee to ensure that, whether they are providing physical therapy sessions in person or through telehealth, they comply with the Board’s ethical rules.


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Wyoming State Board of Physical Therapy: Guidance Regarding the Practice of Telehealth by Physical Therapists

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