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Missouri PT/OT Telehealth

March 31, 2020

Emergency Orders

Exempts physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who are licensed in another state from applying for licensure in the state of Missouri if they are coming to Missouri to assist with COVID-19.

Expansion of Telehealth Services - Medicaid

Waiver of Pre-existing Relationship Requirements

Physical Therapy

Q. Can I practice via telehealth in the state of Missouri if I reside in another state?

A. The Governor declared Executive 20-04, of the order references sectons 191.1146, 334.108(1) and 334.108(4) relating to telemedicine and pharmacology for telemedicine, in order to allow physicians licensed under Chapter 334, RSMo, to decrease the risk of exposure to both healthcare providers and patients.

Subsequently Executive Order 20-04, authorized the Directors of several state agencies, including the Department of Commerce and Insurance, the authority to temporarily waive or suspend the operation of statutes and regulations to best serve the interest of public health, safety and welfare. Director, Chlora Lindley-Myers, issued Bulletin 20-07 to pursuant to Executive order 20-04 to:

    • Strongly encourages accessing healthcare services via telehealth in order to maintain social distancing.
    • Assist individuals and entities regulated by the Department who are seeking to provide or obtain services via telehealth; and
    • Waive the general requirement that health care providers be licensed in the State of Missouri in order to provide care via telehealth in this state.

Please consult with your attorney for identification and interpretation of all of the potentially relevant statutes and regulations. This response is not the product of exhaustive research but is intended to direct you to some of the resources that may address your question. Board staff are not able to provide legal research services or legal advice. Any additional questions should be directed to your legal counsel.



Occupational Therapy

Nothing posted as of March 31, 2020

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