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North Carolina PT/OT Telehealth

April 16, 2020

Emergency Orders

Medicaid Expansion of Telehealth


SPECIAL BULLETIN COVID-19 #36: Telehealth Clinical Policy Modifications – Outpatient Specialized Therapies and Dental Services

Physical Therapy

The NC PT Practice Act and Board’s Rules apply to the delivery of physical therapy services via telehealth.  In response to your emailed question below, at its September Board meeting - 2018, NC Board of Physical Therapy Examiners considered some questions regarding the parameters of using telehealth in the provision of physical therapy services in North Carolina; the Board determined the following general principles will apply:

  • Telehealth is a delivery model for physical therapy services and as such it is not a question of scope of physical therapy practice. 
  • PT licensees must comply with the NC PT Practice Act and Board rules when performing physical therapy services using telecommunications. 
  • In order to provide physical therapy services to a patient geographically located in NC, the provider of telehealth services must possess an active NC PT license. 
  • To address questions of whether a PT licensee or other healthcare provider or non-healthcare individual must be with the patient in the remote location and the level of expertise that person needs, the answer depends on various factors, including the status and safety of the patient, whether it is an initial evaluation or ongoing treatment, and the complexity of the services being provided. 
  • For questions related to the use of telehealth in physical therapy practice in North Carolina that are not answered by these general principles, the Board will continue to respond to questions on a case-by-case basis. 


https://www.ncptboard.org/Announcements/Announcements.php#Telehealth%20Questionsaccess March 29, 2020

Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapy practitioner may deliver evaluation, treatment, and consultation through telecommunication and information technologies. N.C.G.S. 90-270.67.4

  1. An occupational therapy practitioner is required to be licensed in North Carolina if the practitioner provides occupational therapy services to a client who is in North Carolina.
  2. An occupational therapy practitioner who is in North Carolina and does not provide occupational therapy services to clients in North Carolina does not need to be licensed in North Carolina.
  3. An occupational therapy practitioner who is in North Carolina but provides occupational therapy services to clients in a state other than North Carolina is required to follow the laws and regulations of the state where the client is receiving the services.
  4. An occupational therapy practitioner licensed in North Carolina may provide occupational therapy services to a client in North Carolina even if the occupational therapy practitioner is in another state.

An occupational therapy practitioner may provide supervision requiring direct contact through video teleconferencing. 21. N.C.A.C. 38, Rule .0103(21)


http://www.ncbot.org/otpages/Telehealth.html accessed March 29, 2020

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