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Louisiana PT Dry Needling

Dry Needling - A physical intervention which utilizes filiform needles to stimulate trigger points in a patient's body for the treatment of neuromuscular pain and functional movement deficits. Dry Needling is based upon Western medical concepts and does not rely upon the meridians utilized in acupuncture and other Eastern practices.

Evaluation- A physical therapy evaluation will indicate the location, intensity and persistence of neuromuscular pain or functional deficiencies in a physical therapy patient and the propriety for utilization of dry needling as a treatment intervention. Dry needling does not include the stimulation of auricular points.

Course Requirements

Dry needling is a physical therapy treatment which requires specialized physical therapy education and training for the utilization of such techniques. Prior to utilizing dry needling techniques in patient treatment, a PT shall successfully complete a board-approved course of study consisting of no fewer than fifty (50) hours of face-to-face instruction in intramuscular dry needling treatment and safety. Online and other distance learning courses will not satisfy this requirement. Practicing dry needling without compliance with this requirement constitutes unprofessional conduct and subjects a licensee to appropriate discipline by the board.

In order to obtain board approval for courses of instruction in dry needling, sponsors must document that instructors utilized have had no less than two (2) years experience utilizing such techniques. Instructors need not be physical therapists but should be licensed or certified as a healthcare provider in the state of their residence.

Informed Consent

Prior to performing the initial dry needling treatment on a patient the physical therapist shall educate the patient of the potential risks and benefits of dry needling and receive informed consent from the patient. Documentation of the education and consent shall be maintained in the patient treatment record.

Standard of Practice

Dry needling treatment shall be performed in a manner consistent with generally accepted standards of practice, including sterile needle procedures and the standards of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Treatment notes shall document how the patient tolerated the technique and the outcome of treatments.


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