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Florida Physical Therapy Continuing Education

How many continuing education hours are required during a reporting period?

Physical Therapists: Florida PTs are required to complete twenty-four (24) contact hours every two (2) years.

New Licensees: With the exception of the required courses in the prevention of medical errors and HIV/AIDS, applicants who become licensed in the second half of the biennium are exempt from this continuing education requirement for their first renewal.

Physical Therapy Assistants: Florida PTAs are required to complete twenty-four (24) contact hours every two (2) years.

How is contact hour defined?

A contact hour shall consist of fifty (50) clock minutes. One half contact hour shall consist of twenty-five (25) clock minutes.

How long is the reporting period?

Two (2) years.

Due Date

November 30st

Can CE credits be carried over into the next reporting period?

Not Specified.

Are there any specific requirements for continuing education?

One (1) contact hour in HIV/AIDS education.

Two (2) contact hours in prevention of medical errors education.

Are there any specific limitations on course subjects?

No more than five (5) contact hours of courses in risk management shall be accepted within a biennium.

What types of activities can be used for the continuing education requirements?

Acceptable subject areas for physical therapy continuing education include professional ethics, clinical education, clinical practice, clinical research, clinical management, clinical science, Florida law relating to physical therapy, basic sciences, risk management, and HIV/AIDS.

Are there limitations on the types of courses that can be taken?


Hour Calculation


Home Study


Twelve (12) hours per biennium.

Course Instruction

One (1) hour of presentation = one (1) contact hour.

Six (6) hours per biennium.

Clinical Instruction

One hundred and sixty (160) hours of clinical internship = One (1) contact hour.

Six (6) hours per biennium.

Attendance at a Florida Physical Therapy Board meetings on disciplinary cases

One (1) hour of attendance = One (1) contact hour in risk management.

Five (5) hours per biennium (considered risk management).

Service on the Board’s Probable Cause Panel

Five (5) contact hours of risk managements.

Five (5) hours per biennium.

What type of approval is needed for the courses?

The Board approves for continuing education credit:

    • Courses sponsored by a program in physical therapy at a college or university which provides a curriculum for training physical therapists or physical therapist assistants, when approved by the physical therapy or physical therapy assistants program, which is accredited by, or has status with an accrediting agency approved by the United States Department of Education. One (1) credit hour is the equivalent of one (1) contact hour.
    • Courses sponsored or approved by the American Physical Therapy Association.
    • Courses sponsored or approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association

What type of courses or activities are not allowed?


What are the reporting requirements?

The licensee must retain such receipts, vouchers, certificates, or other papers as may be necessary to document completion of the appropriate continuing education offerings listed on the renewal form.

All courses successfully submitted to your CEBroker account. For more information please visit www.CEAtRenewal.com

How long must continuing education records be retained?

Four (4) years.


The Board shall make exceptions for licensees from the continuing education requirements including waiver of all or a portion of these requirements or the granting of an extension of time in which to complete these requirements upon a finding of good cause by majority vote of the Board at a public meeting following receipt of a written request for exception based upon emergency or hardship. Emergency or hardship cases are those:

    • Involving long term personal illness or illness involving a close relative or person for whom the licensee has care-giving responsibilities;
    • Where the licensee can demonstrate that the required course(s) are not reasonably available; and
    • Other demonstrated economic, technological or legal hardships that substantially relate to the ability to perform or complete the continuing education requirements.


Fla. Admin. Code 64B17-9.001

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