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Massachusetts SLP Continuing Education

How many continuing education hours are required during a reporting period?

Speech-Language Pathologists: Massachusetts licensees holding a license as either a Speech-language Pathologist or Audiologist are required to complete a minimum of the equivalent of twenty (20) CE hours every two (2) years.

Duel Licensees: Licensees holding licenses as both a Speech-language Pathologist and Audiologist are required, as a condition of license renewal, to complete a minimum of thirty (30) CE hours every two (2) years. A minimum of ten (10) of the total thirty (30) CE hours must be completed in the licensee's major area of clinical service delivery and a minimum of five (5) of the CE hours must be in the licensee's minor area of clinical service delivery.

New Licensees: Persons holding initial licensure six (6) months to one (1) year before the last day of the license renewal period are required to complete a minimum of ten (10) CE hours (a minimum of four (4) CE hours in the area of licensure) before the date of renewal.

SLP Assistants: N/A

How is CE hour defined?

The unit of measurement for a Continuing Education Activity lasting sixty (60) consecutive minutes.

Can CE credits be carried over into the next reporting period?

Only those Continuing Education Activities which are completed during the two (2) year period prior to each renewal date will qualify as a Continuing Education Activity.

Are there any specific courses that must be taken?


What types of activities can be used for the continuing education requirements?

Continuing Education Publication

Continuing Education Publications authored by the licensee may be substituted for up to twenty (20) CE hours per licensure renewal period.

Sole authors may earn up to twenty (20) CE hours per licensure renewal period, and multiple authors may each receive ten (10) CE hours per licensure renewal period for each publication.

For each continuing education hour earned from the publication of books, chapters of books, and/or articles in reference journals, a licensee must be able to provide verification of the following information:

    • The title of the book, chapter or article and, in the case of a chapter or article, the title of the book or name of the journal in which it appears;
    • The date of publication;
    • The names of any co-authors; and
    • A copy of the book, chapter or article submitted in fulfillment of the Continuing Education Activity requirements.

Continuing Education Instruction

Instructors of a Continuing Education Program or a Continuing Education Academic Course may be credited one (1) hour for each CE hour of the Continuing Education Program Continuing Education Academic Course taught by the licensee, up to a maximum of ten (10) CE hours required per licensure renewal period.

Only the initial offering of a Continuing Education Program or a Continuing Education Academic Course may be credited as a Continuing Education Activity.

For each hour earned from the teaching of a Continuing Education Program or Continuing Education Academic Course, the licensee must be able to verify the following information:

    • The title of the course;
    • Date(s) the course was presented;
    • The name of the institutions or entities that sponsored and approved the program; and
    • Number of hours the licensee spent teaching.

Continuing Education Academic Course

A Continuing Education Academic Course may be substituted for not more than ten (10) CE hours per license renewal period.

What type of courses or activities are not allowed?


What type of approval is needed for the courses?


What are the reporting requirements?

At the time of renewal, each licensee will be required to attest to his or her completion of the required hours of Continuing Education Hours on a form provided by the Board.

How long must continuing education records be retained?





The Board may randomly audit licensees as to satisfaction of the continuing requirements.


260 CMR 7.00

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