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New York PT Limited Permits for PTs

The department of education shall issue a limited permit to an applicant who meets all requirements for admission to the licensing examination.


Limited permits shall be for six (6) months and the department may for justifiable cause renew a limited permit provided that no applicant shall practice under any limited permit for more than a total of one year.


The department may renew a limited permit in physical therapy, based upon:

    • Satisfactory evidence of: extenuating circumstances which prevented the permittee from taking the licensing examination; or a demonstrated need for additional clinical training under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist; and
    • Documentation that the permittee is affirmatively pursuing licensure by maintaining active examination and licensure applications; and
    • Completion of an application for renewal of a physical therapy limited permit and payment of the fee.

Renewal of a limited permit shall not be granted if the permittee is the subject of a pending professional misconduct proceeding or if the department determines that there is a reasonable basis for a professional misconduct proceeding against the permittee.


All practice under a limited permit shall be under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist in a public hospital, an incorporated hospital or clinic, a licensed proprietary hospital, a licensed nursing home, a public health agency, a recognized public or non-public school setting, the office of a licensed physical therapist, or in the civil service of the state or political subdivision thereof.

Supervision of a permittee by a licensed physical therapist shall be on-site supervision and not necessarily direct personal supervision except that such supervision need not be on-site when the supervising physical therapist has determined, through evaluation, the setting of goals and the establishment of a treatment plan, that treatment will be through a maintenance program.

On-site supervision of permittees shall mean that the supervising physical therapist is in the same facility and readily available to the permittee.


N.Y. EDN Law 136 § 6735

NYCCR §77.3

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