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Tennessee OT License Reciprocity

The board of occupational therapy may grant a license to an applicant who presents proof of current licensure or certification as an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant in another state, the District of Columbia or a territory of the United States and who possesses educational and experiential qualifications that meet or exceed the requirements for licensure in Tennessee, as determined by the board of occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistant by Reciprocity

    • An application packet shall be requested from the Board’s administrative office.
    • An applicant shall respond truthfully and completely to every question or request for information contained in the application form and submit it along with all documentation and fees required by the form and these rules to the Board’s administrative office. It is the intent of this rule that all steps necessary to accomplish the filing of the required documentation be completed prior to filing an application and that all documentation be filed simultaneously.
    • An applicant shall submit with his application a “passport” style photograph taken within the preceding twelve (12) months.
    • An applicant shall pay the non-refundable application fee, and state regulatory fee submitting the application.
    • Applications will be accepted throughout the year and completed files will ordinarily be processed at the next board meeting scheduled for the purpose of reviewing files.
    • It is the applicant’s responsibility to request that a graduate transcript from his degree granting institution be submitted directly from the school to the board’s administrative office. The institution granting the degree must be accredited by the AOTA at the time the degree was granted. The transcript must show that the degree has been conferred and carry the official seal of the institution and reference the name under which the applicant has applied for licensure.
    • It is the applicant’s responsibility to request verification of licensure status be submitted directly to the Board’s administrative office from all states in which the applicant is or has ever been licensed.

Examination Verification

    • It is the responsibility of the applicant to request a copy of his certification examination results from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy Examination be sent directly to the Board’s administrative office.
    • For examinations taken prior to January, 1985, the applicant shall request the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy send a verification of certification examination results to the Board of Occupational Therapy.
    • For examinations taken in January, 1985, or later, the applicant shall request that Professional Exam Service, send a verification of certification examination results to the Board of Occupational Therapy.

Physical Agent Modality Certification

If an applicant is seeking certification in the use of physical agent modalities, the applicant shall cause to have proof of successful training completion be submitted directly from the training provider to the Board’s administrative office.


An applicant shall disclose the circumstances surrounding any of the following:

    • Conviction of any criminal law violation of any country, state, or municipality, except minor traffic violations.
    • The denial of licensure application by any other state or the discipline of a license in any state.
    • Loss or restriction of licensure.
    • Any civil suit judgment or civil suit settlement in which the applicant was a party defendant including, without limitations, actions involving malpractice, breach of contract, antitrust activity or any other civil action remedy recognized under the country’s or state’s statutory, common or case law.

Additional Requirements

The applicant shall cause to be submitted to the Board’s administrative office directly from the vendor identified in the Board’s licensure application materials, the result of a criminal background check.

When necessary, all required documents shall be translated into English. Both translation and the original document, certified as to authenticity by the issuing source, must be submitted.

Personal resumes are not acceptable and will not be reviewed.

Application review and licensure decisions shall be governed by Rule 1150-02-.07.

The burden is on the applicant to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that his course work, and experiential qualifications are equivalent to the board’s requirements.

The initial licensure fee must be received in the Board’s administrative office on or before the thirtieth (30th) day from receipt of notification that the fee is due. Failure to comply will result in the application file being closed.

A license will be issued after all requirements, including payment of an initial licensure fee pursuant to Rule 1150-02-.06, have been met.


Tenn. Code Ann. § 63-13-213

Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1150-02-.05

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