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Arizona Occupational Therapy Scope of Practice

How is the practice of Occupational Therapy defined in Arizona?

“Occupational therapy" means the use of therapeutic activities or modalities to promote engagement in activities with individuals who are limited by physical or cognitive injury or illness, psychosocial dysfunction, developmental or learning disabilities, sensory processing or modulation deficits or the aging process in order to achieve optimum functional performance, maximize independence, prevent disability and maintain health.

Occupational therapy includes evaluation, treatment and consultation based on the client's temporal, spiritual and cultural values and needs.  Evaluation does not include making a medical diagnosis.

What services are expressly included in the scope of practice?

"Occupational therapy services" includes the following:

    • Developing an intervention and training plan that is based on the occupational therapist's evaluation of the client's occupational history and experiences, including the client's daily living activities, development, activity demands, values and needs.
    • Evaluating and facilitating developmental, perceptual-motor, communication, neuromuscular and sensory processing function, psychosocial skills and systemic functioning, including wound, lymphatic and cardiac functioning.
    • Enhancing functional achievement, prevocational skills and work capabilities through the use of therapeutic activities and modalities that are based on anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, growth and development, disabilities, technology and analysis of human behavioral and occupational performance.
    • Evaluating, designing, fabricating and training the individual in the use of selective orthotics, prosthetics, adaptive devices, assistive technology and durable medical equipment as appropriate.
    • Administering and interpreting standardized and nonstandardized tests that are performed within the practice of occupational therapy, including manual muscle, sensory processing, range of motion, cognition, developmental and psychosocial tests.
    • Assessing and adapting environments for individuals with disabilities or who are at risk for dysfunction.

Does Arizona require a certificate to perform hand therapy?


Does Arizona allow OTs to practice physical agent modalities?


Does AZ allow OTs to administer topical medications?



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