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Maryland PT Continuing Education

How many continuing education hours are required during a reporting period?

Physical Therapists: A physical therapist in Maryland shall earn three (3) CEUs equal to thirty (30) contact hours for the renewal period.

New Licensees: The Board may renew a license for the first renewal period following the issuance of the original license without requiring the physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to complete any CEUs if, at the time of renewal, the original license was issued 1 year or less before the renewal period.

Physical Therapy Assistants: A physical therapy assistant shall earn two (2) CEUs equal to twenty (20) contact hours for the renewal period.

How long is the reporting period?

A licensee shall earn CEUs between April 1 and March 31 during the 2-year period before renewal and maintain the records of the course subject, hours, date, and continuing education units to present to the Board on request.

Due Date

CEUs completed after March 31 of the year of the renewal may not be accepted.

How is continuing education unit defined?

"Continuing education unit (CEU)" means the basic unit of measurement for a licensee's direct participation in continuing education consisting of ten (10) contact hours.

"Contact hour" means a period of sixty (60) minutes in which actual learning takes place.

Can CE credits be carried over into the next reporting period?


Are there any specific courses that must be taken?


What types of activities can be used for the continuing education requirements?

 Activities meeting the criteria for continuing education requirements for practice of physical therapy may be classified as follows:

    • Postgraduate academic course work in physical therapy taken at an accredited college or university may earn 1 CEU per credit hour;
    • Attendance at Board-approved or American Physical Therapy Association sponsored continuing education courses or workshops may earn 1 CEU for every 10 contact hours;
    • Presentation of a continuing education course or workshop may earn 2 contact hours for every hour of presentation with presentations of the same subject matter receiving CEU credit only once in a 2-year period;
    • Authoring, co-authoring, or editing of a book, book chapter, or refereed journal article may earn 3 CEUs with proof accompanying the request for approval;
    • Authoring an abstract may earn 1 CEU;
    • Completion of an approved self-study course may earn 1 contact hour per interactive hour;
    • Completion of an approved internet course may earn 1 contact hour per interactive hour;
    • Completion of continuing education relevant to the administration of physical therapy practice may earn up to 1.5 CEUs; or
    • Postgraduate academic course work in administration of the practice of physical therapy may earn a maximum of 1.5 CEUs in each 2-year period.

Are there limitations on the types of courses that can be taken?


What type of courses or activities are not allowed?

List of NON-Approved Courses

What type of approval is needed for the courses?

The Board shall have final approval of the relevancy of the program to the practice of physical therapy.

Continuing education courses sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association are automatically approved by the Board.

What are the reporting requirements?

All renewal applications shall be accompanied by a continuing education form to be completed by the licensee.

How long must continuing education records be retained?





The Board shall audit the continuing education records of as many licensees as time and resources allow.

At the time of audit, the audited licensees shall submit:

    •  Continuing education certificates earned between April 1 and March 31 during the 2-year period before renewal; and
    • A completed continuing education form.



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