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Oklahoma OT Continuing Education 

How many continuing education hours are required during a reporting period?

Occupational Therapists: OTs licensed in Oklahoma must compete twenty (20) contact hours every two (2) years.

New Licensees: N/A

Occupational Therapy Assistants: OTAs licensed in Oklahoma must compete twenty (20) contact hours every two (2) years.

When is the deadline to complete the continuing education requirements?

The OT and OTA license is required to be renewed yearly on October 31st.

How is a point defined?

A point is the equivalent of one (1) contact hour.

Can credits be carried over into the next reporting period?


Are there any specific courses that must be taken?


What types of activities can be used for the continuing education requirements?


Description and Points Earned

Traditional methods of points:

  • Workshops
  • In-services (6 point maximum per compliance period)
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Programs offered by or approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association or the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association or the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
  • Programs at Special Interest Section meetings
  • Occupational Therapy Education Council of Oklahoma workshops (points as assigned on request from Committee)

Assigned Value: One (1) point per hour of participation.

Documentation: Verification of attendance and copies of supporting documentation such as program brochure, syllabus, etc. If unable to verify attendance, use Form B Verification of Conference Attendance, attach a copy of receipt for conference fee and statement of relevancy to practice of Occupational Therapy if not obvious from the program materials.

Presentations of occupational therapy programs

Presentations at workshops, seminars, conferences.

Presentations as guest lecturer at accredited occupational therapy curriculum.

Presentations as guest lecturer at other programs on topics related to occupational therapy department in-services.

Assigned Value: Two (2) points per hour for first presentation of original material. No additional points for subsequent presentations.

Documentation: Copies of supporting documentation such as brochures, programs, or syllabus and a statement of objectives of presentation.

Clinical Instruction of Occupational Therapist students or Occupational Therapy Assistant students

Assigned Value: 1 point per week of continuous direct supervision.

Documentation: Copy of letter of verification of fieldwork from educational program.

Publications (published or accepted for publication)

Authorship or co-authorship of a book relating to occupational therapy:

    • Maximum of twenty (20) points.
    • Documentation: Copy of Title page.

Authorship of a chapter in a book or journal article appearing in a professional journal

Maximum of ten (10) points.

Documentation: Copy of table of contents and first page of chapter or article.

Authorship of an article, book review or abstract in a newsletter (such as OOTA Newsletter, OT Newsweek, SIS Newsletter, or other related newsletters)

Maximum of ten (10) points per compliance period.

Documentation: Copy of article, book review or abstract evidencing title of newsletter and date of publication.

Alternative media such as video tapes, slide/tape presentations, etc., that would be available for general viewing

Media or description of media to be submitted to Committee for approval and assignment of points as appropriate.

Assigned Value: 10-20 points per publication or finished product.

Documentation: Copy of approval letter from Committee.


Principal or co-investigator, project director or research assistant. Research proposal and final results submitted to Committee for approval:

  • Ten (10) points.
  • Documentation: Statement of participation and abstract of proposal and results.

Quality assurance studies completed and published in journal or newsletter:

  • Five (5) points Assigned Value: 5-10 points per project.
  • Documentation: Manuscript acknowledgment or copy of article.

Formal Coursework

College and university coursework courses directly relating to improvement, advancement, or extension of one's skills as an Occupational Therapist.

One (1) credit course would be ten (10) points; two (2) credit course twenty (20) points; and three (3) credit course would be thirty (30) points. Assigned Value: 10-30 points as approved.

College or university courses which are indirectly related, yet support skills and knowledge will be evaluated individually and assigned value accordingly.

Documentation: Course description with statement of relevance to Occupational Therapy and transcript or other documentation of passing grade.

Self-Study: (Independent Learning Projects)

A combination of activities which may include, but are not limited to a combination of reading, observing other therapists, viewing video tapes and quality assurance studies and related professional activities which enhance knowledge and skill in a specific area.

A Report of Professional Self-Study should be submitted to Committee for approval (Form C). Points will be assigned by the Committee based on the relevance to practice and complexity.

Documentation: Copy of approval letter from OT Advisory Committee.

Specialty Certification

Achievement of a specialty certification by a recognized body such as Neuro Developmental Techniques, Sensory Integration, American Society of Hand Therapists

Twenty (20) points one time only. Credit will be granted for Certification obtained within the compliance period in which certification was granted or the next subsequent compliance period only.

American Occupational Therapy Association Membership

Two (2) points.

Documentation: Copy of current AOTA membership card.

AOTA or OOTA Committee Chair

Points awarded based on the extent to which activities are relative to maintaining involvement in the profession as evidenced by their annual report (up to 8 points per year).

Documentation: Copy of approval letter from OT Advisory Committee.

Member of Committee

Based on evidence of involvement in appropriate activities (up to 4 points per year).

Documentation: Copy of approval letter from OT Advisory Committee.

Active involvement in related organizations and committee upon approval by the Committee

Up to four (4) points per year.

Documentation: List of dates of activities and types of activities, signed by committee chair, with a statement of relevance of the organization or committee to the practice of occupational therapy.

Are there limitations on the types of courses that can be taken?


Which type of courses or activities are not allowed?


Is board approval necessary for continuing education?


What are the reporting requirements?


How long must continuing education records be retained?


Can the continuing education requirements be waived?


Does the board audit therapist’s continuing education?

The Occupational Therapy Committee will, ninety (90) days before expiration date of each compliance period, randomly or for cause, select licensees for audit to ensure that all continuing education requirements have been met.

Licensees being audited have thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the letter of notification to submit proof of continuing education to the Committee.

The Occupational Therapy Committee or its appointed sub-committee shall review the documentation of each individual for compliance with established continuing education standards.

Licensees found to be in compliance shall be notified of such and that no further action regarding the audit is required.

Licensees found not to be in compliance shall be notified within (5) working days following the determination of non-compliance. The Board shall provide to the licensee specific information concerning areas of deficiency and what further information, if any, is needed to bring them into compliance. The licensee shall be given the opportunity to submit additional documentation for the Committee to consider, or he or she may elect to personally appear at the next Occupational Therapy Committee meeting. Provided, nothing in this provision shall prevent the Committee from requiring the licensee to personally appear for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the continuing education requirements.

A summarized report shall be submitted to the Occupational Therapy Committee listing the names of those audited who are in compliance with continuing education requirements. Those not in compliance shall be listed with notation of deficiencies found and/or recommendation.


Okla. Admin. Code § 435:30-1-5

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