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Arkansas Physical Therapy Continuing Education 

Pursuant to Executive Orders 20-06 and 20-16, the Arkansas State Board of Physical Therapy has waived the requirement of continuing education for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants for the 2021 renewal; this waiver does not apply to the jurisprudence exam, which is still required. Licensees are not required to complete or submit continuing education by December 31, 2020.

Continuing education completed in 2019 and 2020 will not carry over to the 2021- 2022 accumulation period.

How many continuing education hours are required during a reporting period?

Physical Therapists: PTs licensed in Arkansas are required to complete two (2) CEUs or twenty (20) contact hours every two (2) years.

New Licensees: Individuals licensed as new graduates or by endorsement in 2019 and 2020 are not required to complete CEUs for 2021 renewal and begin accumulating in 2021 for 2023 renewal.

Physical Therapy Assistants: PTAs licensed in Arkansas are required to complete one (1) CEU or ten (10) contact hours every two (2) years..

How long is the reporting period?

Two (2) years.

Due Date

December 31st, odd numbered years.

How is CEU defined?

One (1) CEU is defined as ten (10) contact hours of an accredited course or program.

A contact hour is equal to sixty (60) minutes actual time in a seminar or workshop. Program content must be of clinical application, clinical management, behavioral science, or science.

Can CE credits be carried over into the next reporting period?

No.  Continuing education completed in 2019 and 2020 will not carry over to the 2021- 2022 accumulation period.

Are there any specific courses that must be taken?

PTs and PTAs will be required to pass a jurisprudence exam approved by the Board as part of the required continuing education. The jurisprudence examination is counted as an online course

What types of activities can be used for the continuing education requirements?

College or university courses in the area of clinical application, clinical management, behavioral science, science, or scientific research may be accepted. Courses will be credited one (1) CEU for each satisfactorily completed credit hour (grade C or higher). A “Continuing Education Units” form and a transcript or grade report must be submitted to the Board office.

An article or research which has been published may be submitted to the Board for consideration of up to one-half the biennium CEU requirement. This request, along with the publication must be presented to the Board office. The article or research must be approved by the Board.

Are there limitations on the types of courses that can be taken?

No more than 50% of continuing education can be taken through online courses.

Webinars that are both live and interactive are considered to be in-person attendance.

What type of courses or activities are not allowed?


What type of approval is needed for the courses?

Program content and CEUs accreditation must be approved by the Board or a Board-approved entity.

Sponsor Application for Continuing Education

What are the reporting requirements?

Proof of continuing education and a completed “Continuing Education Units” form must be submitted to the Board for approval of a program for CEUs within 60 days after course completion. Proof of CEUs may be copies of the original completion certificate. Proof of college courses completed for CEUs is a transcript or grade report.

How long must continuing education records be retained?





Licensees failing to complete the CEU requirement by December 31 of the year prior to renewal must pay $50.00 per month penalty until continuing education is completed and accepted by the Board. Licensees failing to comply with the CEU requirement by license renewal deadline will not receive license renewal and may not engage in the provision of physical therapy services.


Arkansas State Board of Physical Therapy Rules and Regulations

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