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Arizona PT Identification and Disclosure

How can I use “Dr” in my title?

A physical therapist shall use the letters "PT" in connection with the physical therapist's name or place of business to denote licensure.

The following acts if committed by a person not licensed under this chapter or exempt from licensure pursuant to section 32-1421 are class 2 misdemeanors:

    • The use of the designation "M.D." in a way that would lead the public to believe that a person was licensed to practice medicine in this state.
    • The use of the designation "doctor of medicine", "physician", "surgeon", "physician and surgeon" or any combination thereof unless such designation additionally contains the description of another branch of the healing arts.
    • The use of the designation "doctor" by a member of another branch of healing arts unless there is set forth with each such designation the other branch of the healing arts concerned.
    • The use of any other words, initials, symbols or combination thereof which would lead the public to believe such person is licensed to practice medicine in this state.

Designation of a physical therapist

A licensed physical therapist shall use the designation “P.T.” immediately following the licensee’s name or signature to denote licensure.

In addition to and immediately following the “P.T.” designation, a physical therapist may list academic degrees earned and professional specialty certifications held.

Are there any specific requirements for posting notifications or licenses?

A licensee or certificate holder shall display a copy or provide documentation of the license or certificate and current renewal verification

Physician financial interest disclosure to the patient

Before conducting an evaluation or initiating physical therapy, a licensee shall disclose to a patient when a referring practitioner is deriving direct or indirect compensation from the referral. The licensee shall ensure that the disclosure is in writing and states “Under A.R.S. § 32-2051(C), I am required by law to inform you in writing that your referring physician [or specify if different from a physician] derives either direct or indirect compensation related to your physical therapy.”

When does a PT have to notify the board of any information changes?

A licensee or certificate holder shall send to the Board written notification of a change in any of the information no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the change.


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