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Florida PT Dry Needling

Physical Therapist Dry Needling Attestation, Form DH5057-MQA


“Adverse medical incident” means an event over which the physical therapist could exercise control and which is associated in whole or in part with the performance of dry needling, rather than the condition for which dry needling occurred, and which resulted in any prolonged and/or emergent neurological, pulmonary, vascular, or musculoskeletal condition that required the transfer of the patient to a hospital and/or referral to a physician for treatment of the resulting condition.

“Supervision” means observation of the dry needling procedure by a physical therapist licensed in any state or the District of Columbia who meets the qualifications for practicing dry needling in the state of Florida and who has a minimum of one year and 25 sessions of experience treating patients using dry needling. The observation may be in person or via synchronous telehealth as defined in Section 456.47, F.S.

Minimum Requirements

Completion of two (2) years of licensed practice as a physical therapist.

Completion of fifty (50) hours of face-to-face continuing education from an entity accredited in accordance with s. 486.109 on the topic of dry needling which must include a determination by the physical therapist instructor that the physical therapist demonstrates the requisite psychomotor skills to safely perform dry needling. The continuing education must include instruction in all of the following areas:

    • Theory of dry needling.
    • Selection and safe handling of needles and other apparatus or equipment used in dry needling, including instruction on the proper handling of biohazardous waste.
    • Indications and contraindications for dry needling.
    • Psychomotor skills needed to perform dry needling.
    • Postintervention care, including adverse responses, adverse event recordkeeping, and any reporting obligations.

Completion of at least twenty-five (25) patient sessions of dry needling performed under the supervision of a physical therapist who holds an active license to practice physical therapy in any state or the District of Columbia, who has actively performed dry needling for at least one (1) year, and who documents that he or she has met the supervision and competency requirements and needs no additional supervised sessions to perform dry needling.


Completion of twenty-five (25) patient sessions of dry needling performed as a physical therapist licensed in any state or in the United States Armed Forces.

    • A requirement that dry needling may not be performed without patient consent and must be a part of a patient’s documented plan of care.
    • A requirement that dry needling may not be delegated to any person other than a physical therapist who is authorized to engage in dry needling under this chapter.


A physical therapist shall not delegate performance of dry needling to a physical therapist assistant, unlicensed personnel, or any other person who is not a qualified licensed physical therapist.

Informed Consent

A physical therapist shall not perform dry needling without patient consent documented in the patient’s medical record.

Adverse Incidents

An adverse medical incident that is a direct result of physical therapy treatment involving dry needling shall be reported to the Board within 15 days of the incident using Form DH5053-MQA, Physical Therapy Dry Needling Adverse Medical Incident Report.

Physical Therapy Dry Needling Adverse Medical Incident Report, Form DH5053-MQA


Fla. Stat. § 486.117

Fla. Admin. Code § 64B17-6.008

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