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Georgia Blog and Compliance Updates

  • 19 Apr 2020 4:10 PM | Zachary Edgar (Administrator)

    (1)  This rule shall be in effect for the duration of the public health state of emergency regarding COVID-19 and no more than 30 days thereafter. 

    (2)  A licensed physical therapist shall at all times be responsible for and provide adequate supervision to the physical therapist assistant (PTA) and PTA student as required in Rule 490- 5-.01 and 490-5-.02; and may meet, supervise and be readily available to the physical therapist assistant as required in person or via audio and video technology as appropriate.

  • 15 Apr 2020 4:11 PM | Zachary Edgar (Administrator)

    (1) Due to the State of Emergency regarding COVID-19, graduates of CAPTE accredited entry level physical therapy or physical therapist assistant programs may be issued a training permit upon approval of the Board if the graduate:

      (a) Submits an application on forms approved by the Board;

      (b) Has acquired the education and training required for licensure;

      (c) Has been approved by their educational program to take the national examination approved by the board;

      (d) Is not disqualified to receive a license under the provisions of Code Section 43‐33‐18 or subsection (a)  or (c) of Code Section 43‐1‐19; and,

      (e) Has successfully passed a criminal history records check as determined by the board.

    (2) The training permit shall allow the holder thereof to work:

      (a) Only under the direct supervision of a physical therapist who has been approved by the board and has practiced for not less than one year prior to assuming the supervisory role; and,

      (b) For the duration of the public health state of emergency regarding COVID-19 and no more than 30 days thereafter.

    (3) A training permit shall become invalid and must be immediately returned to the Board office by the trainee if:

      (a) The trainee does not exhibit performance satisfactory to their board approved supervisor(s); or,

      (b) The 30 day period after the expiration of the public health state of emergency has ended; or,

      (c) The training permit holder is issued a license by the Board.

     (4) Applicants may name both a primary and a secondary supervisor on the training permit application.

      (a) The supervisors named on the training permit application hold full responsibility under their license for  direct, continuous, on-site supervision of the trainee at all times. The named supervisors must assure  that the trainee does not perform any patient care activities in his/her absence.

      (b) The supervisors must hold a license in good standing under O.C.G.A. Title 43, Chapter 33 and may not supervise more than two (2) training permit holders at one time.

      (c) A named supervisor must regularly evaluate trainee performance in all areas as specified by the Board, to include cosigning any documentation provided by the trainee, and must notify the Board of unsatisfactory performance at which time the training permit becomes null and void.

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