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Texas PT Designations and Notifications

How can I use “Dr” in my title?

Any letters designating other titles, academic degrees, or certifications must follow the initials PT or PTA (example: Jane Doe, PT, DPT).

In using the title "doctor" as a trade or professional asset or on any manner of professional identification, including a sign, pamphlet, stationery, or letterhead, or as a part of a signature, a physical therapist shall designate the college or honorary degree that gives rise to the use of the title, or the authority under which the title is used.

Are there any specific requirements for posting notifications or licenses?

The original license must be displayed in the licensee's principal place of practice.

For physical therapy services provided through telehealth, home visits, or other non-traditional modes, the licensee must provide information on accessing the board's online license verification system.

Displayed reproduction of the original license is unauthorized.

Reproduction of the original license is authorized for institutional file purpose only.

Consumer Information Sign

There shall at all times be prominently displayed in the place of business of each licensee a sign containing the name, mailing address, web address and telephone number of the board and a statement informing consumers that complaints against licensees can be directed to the board.

The consumer information sign shall read: Complaints regarding non-compliance with the Texas Physical Therapy Practice Act can be directed to Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, 333 Guadalupe Suite 2-510, Austin, Texas 78701, www.ptot.texas.gov, 800-821-3205 (toll free, for complaints only) or 512-305-6900.

The minimum size of the sign must be five inches by seven inches.

For physical therapy services provided through telehealth, home visits, or other non-traditional modes, the licensee must provide this information.

When does a PT have to notify the board of any information changes?

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