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Texas PT License by Endorsement


The board may issue a license by endorsement to an applicant currently licensed in another state, District of Columbia, or territory of the United States, if they have not previously held a permanent license issued by this board.

Requirements to apply

An applicant seeking licensure by endorsement must:

    • Meet the requirements as stated in §329.1 of this title (relating to General Licensure Requirements and Procedures);
    • Provide a score report for the National Physical Therapy Examination sent directly to the board by the board-approved reporting service, or scores on the Registry Examination sent directly to the board by the American Physical Therapy Association. The score reported must have satisfied requirements for licensure in a state at the time the applicant took the exam; and
    • Provide verification of license from every jurisdiction in which the applicant has held or still holds a license, sent directly to the board by the issuing jurisdiction. The board may accept web - based verification in place of verification sent by another jurisdiction if the board is satisfied that the applicant's license(s) is/are valid.

Licensure of a Military Service Member, Military Veteran, or Military Spouse

The board will waive the application fee and will expedite the issuance of a license by endorsement to a military service member, military veteran, or spouse of a military service member. The applicant must provide official documentation of active duty status or veteran status or the active duty status of the spouse.

A military spouse may qualify to practice in this state under the exemption described in §329.7(b)(5) Exemptions from Licensure if the military service member to whom a military spouse is married is stationed at a military installation in this state.

A military spouse or veteran may qualify to practice in this state under the Compact Privilege.

Provisional License

The board may grant a provisional license to an applicant who is applying for licensure by endorsement if there is a delay in the submission of required documents outside the applicant’s control. The applicant must submit the provisional license fee as set by the executive council. The board may not grant a provisional license to an applicant with disciplinary action in their licensure history. The provisional license is valid for 180 days, or until a permanent license is issued or denied, whichever is first.

The board shall issue a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant license to the provisional license holder if:

    • The provisional license holder passes a jurisprudence examination, if required;
    • The board verifies that the provisional license holder has the academic and experience requirements for a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant license; and
    • The provisional license holder satisfies any other requirements for a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant license.


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