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Texas PT Students and Graduates

Can students practice in a clinical setting?

Physical therapy student or physical therapist assistant student participating in an accredited physical therapy or physical therapist assistant educational program and supervised by a licensed PT or PTA may practice in a clinical setting.

What kind of supervision is required for student PTs and PTAs?

On-site supervision.

How must students identify themselves?


What type of license/permit must new graduates receive before practicing?

Temporary License

The temporary license holder must:

    • Meet all requirements as stated in §329.1 of this title (relating to General Licensure Requirements and Procedures);
    • Register for the national physical therapy examination;
    • Submit temporary licensee and supervisor affidavits as provided by the board; and
    • Submit fees for temporary licensure as set by the executive council.


The board will issue a temporary license to work in Texas to an applicant who is taking the exam for the first time.

An applicant who has received a license from another state is not eligible for temporary licensure.

A candidate who has taken and failed the physical therapist examination is not eligible for temporary licensure as a physical therapist assistant.

What kind of supervision is required?

The holder of a temporary license must practice under the supervision of a physical therapist.

Supervision requirements. An applicant with a temporary PT license must have on-site supervision by a physical therapist with a permanent license to practice in Texas when providing physical therapy services. An applicant with a temporary PTA license must have on-site supervision by a physical therapist with a permanent license to practice in Texas when providing physical therapy services.

Duration of the temporary license

The temporary license is valid until the applicant receives the score report from the board, or until the last day of the third month after the month the license is issued, whichever occurs first.

The coordinator may extend the temporary license for no more than 30 days to offset an unreasonable delay in reporting the examination results to the applicant.

Failure of examination. If the applicant fails the exam, the temporary license is void and must be returned to the board when the notification of the failure is received.


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